serial cable (was Re: What was that store?)

Brian Smithson (
Sat, 24 Jul 1993 11:04:03 -0700

On Jul 24, 8:11am, MacGyver wrote:
> Also, does anyone on this list happen to have an extra serial cable
> for the unit which they would be willing to either donate or sell
> (REALLY cheap)?
>-- End of excerpt from MacGyver

If you don't find a source for the serial cable, there are a couple of options:

(1) build one using the wiring diagrams contained somewhere in this list's
archives, but this requires a hard-to-find 9-pin mini-DIN connector

(2) replace the 9-pin mini-DIN socket on your Ultralite with a PS/2-style
mini-DIN serial connector (has anyone actually done this?), but this
requires some handiness with assembly/disassembly and soldering

-Brian Smithson