source for serial cable

James W. O'Toole Jr. (starnet!apple!!james)
Sat, 24 Jul 93 14:47:40 EDT

Macronix 800-432-1621 manufactures and sells a small high-speed modem
called the MAX PC/Lite. They just happen to use the same serial connector
on this modem that NEC used on the Ultralite. Their cable works if what
you want to do is connect your Ultralite to a serial port on a PC, because
that's what the modem is expected to connect to. This is the cable I use.

Macronix sold it to me for about $12 mail order plus $5 shipping and handling.

This is the best source I know for this cable because they are actively
supplying the cable to their existing modem customers.

You might want to say that you bought one of their modems and lost the cable,
because they probably don't intend to be in the cable business, but they
should be very interested in keeping their modem customers happy...