Battery problems.

Sanjay Sinha (starnet!apple!!sanjay)
Thu, 25 Feb 93 16:16:35 EST

Greetings everyone,
Thanks for the previous help with the file transfer problem....
I have another one now..
My 17-02 comes with a non-removable battery, and the replacement I
received form JEM computers is the newer removable type.
There was some traffic recently where some one said that if I ship
my UL to NEC they will make the conversion for free, as long as I
pay for return shipping. Is this offfer still open from them?
Any info on this issue is highly welcome.
Some time back in jul 1991 a post was made where it was claimed
that 5$ worth of parts will five me the contacts for the new
battery. Any info on this will also be appreciated.

If you email directly, I will make a summary and post later,
as long as nobody copyrights it before posting to me.