Re: Nice talk fellow Ultraliter

Todd Inch (starnet!apple!!toddi)
Wed, 24 Feb 93 23:57 PST

I do own an Ultralite, but don't use the disks that came with it and
don't recall the file names. I certainly didn't mean anything personal,
I just want to keep fellow netters out of jail. Yes, he has a "right"
to the software, but that doesn't make it *legal* to get a copy from
someone else. I agree that it is, IMHO, ethical to do so. It could
also present a legal dilemma if the original owner of the ultralite
kept the software and is still using it on another machine, in which
case the seller only sold part of the original Ultralight "package."
I have no problem with what you did, but fear that Traveling Software
might, and they might be reading this.