anyone still there..!?

estrada (starnet!apple!!estrada)
Fri, 22 Jan 93 19:49:17 CST

Hi! I have not seen mail transit for this group in along time so I
decided to post this to see if we still have an Ultralite group out there..!
Going back to some of the saved mail that I have relating to the UL I have
a couple of questions.. one: Using Stacker 2.0 seems to have been a success
according to the guide someone in the group posted.. I haven't tried it..
does anyone have any experience with version 3.0 of Stacker? two: I re-
member a message about somebody changing the cluster size of their NVRAM
and getting an additional 5k of space.. can someone tell me how you did it?
Was it by reformatting the disk again?

Dave Estrada
Inland Steel
East Chicago, IN