WANTED: NEC UltraLite 17-02 (forward from Usenet News)

Brian Smithson (brian)
Thu, 20 Aug 92 18:07:31 PDT

I saw this on Usenet, and thought someone on this list might be interested.
Reply to the originator of the message, not to me or the list.

Forwarded message:
>Path: motcsd!apple!decwrl!world!kingpin
>From: kingpin@world.std.com (Joe Smooth)
>Newsgroups: misc.forsale.computers
>Subject: WANTED: NEC UltraLite 17-02
>Message-ID: <KINGPIN.92Aug18005450@world.std.com>
>Date: 18 Aug 92 05:54:50 GMT
>Sender: kingpin@world.std.com (Joe Smooth)
>Distribution: misc
>Organization: The World Public Access UNIX, Brookline, MA
> I am looking for an NEC UltraLite 17-02 (2meg Silicon RAM), with internal
> 2400bps modem, and battery for between $200 and $250.. I'm also looking
> for other accessories for the system, if they are cheap.. If you have any
> of the above, please reply to kingpin@world.std.com... Thanks!