Mailing list woes

Brian Smithson (brian)
Fri, 14 Aug 92 15:40:35 PDT

Date: Sat, 15 Aug 1992 00:26:05 -0700
From: Bryan Chow <bryanc@ocf.Berkeley.EDU>

I hope it's alright to advertise on this newsgroup...

Anyone looking into upgrading his/her notebook or even

This top-of-the-line Sharp notebook has at least 5 times the speed, 40 (!!)
times the disk space, VGA, internal floppy, built-in trackball,
and yet is of the same size and only half a pound heavier than an

I will consider items such as SIMMs, an Ultralite or other interesting
equipment for trade too.

Sharp PC-6781 386 SL Notebook

Lightest 386 in the world with an internal floppy drive!!!

32 bit Intel 386 SL 20 MHz (also runs in 5 and 10 MHz)
16K high-speed cache
Built-in trackball
VGA with external SVGA port
1.44 MB 3.5" Floppy
80 MB Hard Disk
PCMCIA 2.0 Slot
4.9 lbs including battery!
DOS 5.0 disks and manual included.
Warranty and registration.

Neat features:
Battery Watch included.
External CRT port for 800x600 SVGA.
Resume on phone ring (needs modem).
Resume at certain time.
2 hours charge time, 8 hours trickle-charge (while in use!).
Advanced power management (SL chip) provides 3 hours of use.
Automatic suspend on extremely low battery.
Automatic suspend on closing cover.


Brand new, in box.
Connecting Point Laptop Center price = $2195+tax
Uncle Ralph Lowest Price Guarantee = $2197+tax

Original owner paid $2500 3 months ago but never got to use it.

> My price : $1880 or best offer
PRICE REDUCED!!! $1680 or best offer
Price is negotiable!

Bryan Chow