Re: UL for parts For Sale

Jim Lewczyk (
Mon, 3 Aug 92 13:13:39 MDT


ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz (sound of a fish being reeled in).

Flop flop flop....

>you have a 1M RAM, now is the time to upgrade to 2M !!
>** 2 Meg NV-RAM card (Works fine - easy to unplug and swap) **
>Maybe you want to experiment with a custom ROM and drive D:
>** Built-in DOS ROM board (works fine - NOT for the card slot)

You got me. Yes, I want to upgrade to a 2M SHD, and I've been wondering
about ROM cards.

How about the 2M NV-RAM, the ROM card/board and your homebrew AC adaptor,
for, um... (whir, click, chink) $85 plus shipping.

Let me know quickly, if you can. I'm off on vacation starting 8/5.

Jim Lewczyk

By the way, thanks for clueing me in on the mailing list. I've already
changed my cluster size and doubled my free space on the 1 Mb drive.