UL for parts For Sale

Mon, 3 Aug 92 14:23 EDT

FOR SALE - Broken UltraLite for Parts - Will sell pieces 8/3/92

*Yikes* !! I cracked the glass on my UL LCD screen. :(
Unless someone has a spare UL screen ...
I will sell this UL over time for parts.
This is NOT a package deal. Make offers for the specific parts you want.

The easy parts to split and install without soldering are as follows:

If you have a 1M RAM, now is the time to upgrade to 2M !!
** 2 Meg NV-RAM card (Works fine - easy to unplug and swap) **

Maybe you want to experiment with a custom ROM and drive D:
** Built-in DOS ROM board (works fine - NOT for the card slot)

- UL Model 17 Main CPU Board / 2400 baud modem (Works fine)
- Keyboard (Works fine - you know you will need a spare)
- Case, power boards, connectors
- LCD Screen (cracked, 85% dead), backlight, screen cover, top cover
- Misc covers [slot,drive,NiCAD,Molicel,RAM,ROM] (Replace what you lost)
- Original NEC (not DAK) real leather black case (I may keep this).
(This is just big enough for the UL itself).
- NiCAD battery (Works fine - long skinny one).
- LapLink-type cable for serial port (9-pin miniDIN)
- 12V AC power adapter with miniDIN connector for DC power (homebrew)

** No battery charger, No floppy, dead Molicel battery, no manuals

I also may still have a second, working UL for sale with battery
(and a homebrew AC adapter/charger). The WordPerfect ROM is sold.
Let me know what you need and make an offer for each item. ....BJ

BJ Hudson
919-279-7696 (North Carolina)