Re: Ultralite $250; WordPerfect ROM $175 FOR SALE
Mon, 27 Jul 92 13:12:41 -0700

>> - V30 (8086) 9MHz XT compatible, SI=8.9

I am not complaining, but am simply curious. The SI you included says that
the performance is 5.1 with the cpu set to fast, and 2.x with it set on low
speed. How do you get the performance up to 8.9? Can I turn on yet another
option for even better performance?

>> * - Normally runs for ~2 hrs on Molicel battery BUT, the main battery
>> will no longer hold a charge - NVRAM battery is fine and charges okay -

Yikes! Another dead battery. Does this mean that the batteries have a
limited number of charge/discharge cycles in them? Should I run through the
full cycle before recharging?

If you have any dead UL's lying around, I'd be happy to find one for spare


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