Re: Ultralite $250; WordPerfect ROM $175 FOR SALE

Brian Smithson (brian)
Mon, 27 Jul 92 13:52:56 PDT

> Yikes! Another dead battery. Does this mean that the batteries have a
> limited number of charge/discharge cycles in them? Should I run through the
> full cycle before recharging?

According to the NEC literature, this kind of battery is not helped by
deep discharges. It does have a lifetime, though. The specs say that
the removable Molicel battery is good for 400 cycles. Ironically, the
nonremovable NiCd memory backup battery is spec'd for only 300 cycles.
Perhaps "cycles" are sufficiently different for these two batteries, given
that the Molicel goes for 2 hours and the NiCd goes for a week or more.

Even more ironically, the memory backup battery (being a NiCd) should
be subjected to deep discharges in order to erase its charge "memory".
At least, according to my limited understanding of battery technology.
I'm not sure I like the idea of wiping out my silicon disk periodically
to keep its backup battery in good shape!

Does anyone out there have a better understanding and/or some experience
with the NiCd?

-Brian Smithson
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