More Battery questions...

chet (motcsd!apple!arc!chet)
Fri, 29 May 92 10:22:57 PDT

>>>>> On April 14, I said:

{ in response to bob, who said: }

bob> [...]
bob> If the charge light doesn't go out after 24 or 36 hours you
bob> should get suspicious.

chet> I rejuvenated a battery that was having this problem by fully
chet> discharging it: leaving the UL on until it died, then turning it
chet> on and leaving it on again.... until it wouldn't turn on any
chet> more.

I lied. That may have extended its life by one or two discharge cycles
(or more likely, I was completely confused :-{), but the battery is
now completely shot. Has anybody taken these batteries apart with the
idea of trying to rejuvenate individual cells like you would a NiCad?