Re: More Battery questions...

Brian Smithson (brian)
Mon, 13 Apr 92 22:31:20 PDT

> Here's an even more perplexing battery problem. I thought that my molicel was
> dead, so I pulled it out and hooked it up to a voltmeter to see for sure. To
> my surprise there was a constant 10 V across the leads. The low battery light
> won't go on when the battery is connected, but the computer won't boot on the
> battery alone. The CHG light on the adaptor won't go out even after days of
> being plugged in. Admittedly I didn't put a load on the battery (i.e. a
> resistor) when I checked it, but the leads should provide enough of a load.
> The charger is putting out the correct voltages and current. Any ideas???

I think that the open-circuit voltage on those batteries should be at least
12V. Also, a good voltmeter won't put any significant load on a battery and
so you should really stick a resistor on there (50-100 ohms should be good)
to give the battery something to do while you measure it. I'm not sure
why the LOW BAT indicator doesn't come on, unless it is triggered by a
threshold crossing instead of a level.

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