Re: Dead battery/did my memory go too?

Fritz Friedlaender (
Thu, 12 Mar 92 16:32:42 -0500

The removable battery has nothing to do with that - it's the other
battery that keeps "c " alive. I never waited over a week to recharge
my unit, but the NiCad did last a full week when I tried this.
Reboot from "d" and see whether you can find "c" - I have had your problem but
was able to boot from "d" and find "c". If you have lost "c" it's probably not
I doubt it because even if you leave the computer on, it should not effect the
rate of discharge on the memory backup battery too much - it will last
close to a week, but the removable battery is good for 2 hours only (approx.).
Good luck,