Zoo hassles

Wed, 26 Feb 1992 23:56 EST

Ya'll deserve a commission on DAK's sale to me... I bought, then started
to whimper about certain flaws, and it was reading the archives that made
me acknowledge a very REAL grin factor with this machine. Still havent't
found a light way to access most printers... what do you others do without
a parallel port?

Problem 2: I would like NYET, since I'm a tetris addict. Since it was in
rusvm1 as a .zoo file, I grabbed it, and went in search of a usable
zoo utility. I`ve grabbed copies from three sites, gotten doc files, tried
two versions, tried two machines (AT&T 6300 and ULite)... and each
crash is stranger than the one before. The last one executed a PRTSC
before giving up the ghost so bad that CTRL-ALT-DEL wouldn't call the
machine back to life.

I still want NYET, but I've stepped into a full-fledged war against the
zoo monsters, and if anyone else has .zoo understood, I`d like to hear
from them.

On the subject of printing out, what's being tried? Just carry what is
needed to print to HP lasers (which regularly have serial ports), or
buy a s-to-p converter (who sells tiny ones?!), or did NEC ever release
the parallel interface? Even adapting the disk drive so that she doesn't
suck the machine dry to allow printing out is better than needing all
three components to print out. I currently have taken to carrying laplink
and the serial cable, since the nearest PC is a few paces away usually.
--D_Davidson@uvmvax.uvm.edu Lost in Vermont (intentionally)...