external ROM/RAMcard drive for the UltraLite

Brian Smithson (brian@grot.ca41.csd.mot.com)
Thu, 21 Nov 91 13:44:02 PST

I stumbled upon a rather strange accessory for the UltraLite. It's an
external "drive" for ROMcards or RAMcards. It connects to the parallel
port (or so the guy said -- evidently it doesn't connect to the peripheral
bus) and holds one card. A driver is provided which makes the card appear
as the next available drive letter (E: or whatever). It's $149.95 from
PAMCO Electronics of Fort Mills SC, 803-548-6740. They didn't have
literature for this model, but they're sending me literature for their
similar unit for the HP95LX. It might be useful if you want to use more
than one ROMcard or RAMcard at a time. If you're interested, e-mail me
in a week or two and I should have the literature in hand.

I asked if they sold RAMcards or any other UltraLite accessories, or
if they knew of any other sources. They didn't have anything else
and the sources they knew of were the same ones we know of: DAK,
Personalized Software, and of course NEC.

-Brian Smithson
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