Battery checking program and blinking cursor...

Hyunsuk Seung (
Sun, 29 Sep 91 03:02:18 EDT

Is there a program that checks the battery life on the UltraLite?
I think Personalized Computing's newsletter had an article about
it, but I do not have them. Can someone confirm this?

Also, I have some questions concerning the blinking cursor. I
use a program called CURSOR.COM to make cursor bold, but it would
not work within some applications such as Kermit (v2.32). Anyone
have any suggestions? What about a utility to slow down the speed
of the blinking rate? It would help one from loosing the cursor
greatly, I'm sure.

BTW, what do people think about having a second survey? I pre-
sume lack of traffic on this list lately indicate that people are
quite settled with his/her unit. It might be quite interesting
to see other UL's final(?) form, too. Won't it be a good idea
everyone? Brian, what do you think?

Hyunsuk Seung