Using a MAC extension cord as a power cable (was Re: cluster size)

Brian Smithson (
Wed, 3 Jul 1991 09:45:49 -0700

On Jul 3, 10:28am, pastor@PRC.Unisys.COM wrote:
> P.S. If the Mac extension cord is straight through, could someone with some
> electronics background explain why it would be dangerous to try using it as
> a power-cable extender?
>-- End of excerpt from pastor@PRC.Unisys.COM

Presumably, the wires inside of the Mac cable were intended to carry data
signals and not power. Although the UltraLite doesn't demand a lot of
amperage, the Mac cable may have very thin little wires or may use some
wires as shields for other wires. I'll see if I can look into the subject
this weekend and report back, but I'm going to be cautious about using a Mac
cable until I've looked at the cable's internal construction. Chances are
that it will be OK, but I'd rather not fry my AC adaptor! If someone out
there has a Mac cable which can be looked at, please do so and post!
Enquiring minds want to know...

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