Ultra comments

3-JUL-1991 12:25:07.52

I've had a couple of messages bounced back by the mailer, but here goes again.
This was addressed to MOTCSD!ultralite-list@apple.com, in case that address
works for others, too.
Previous version returned marked:
>The message could not be delivered to:
>Addressee: ultralite-list@csd.mot.com
>Reason: Illegal host/domain name found.


I think I've let my 30 day return period from DAK expire without
returning the Ultralight, so I must be happy with it. There are
still a few things I'd like to improve. Here's a list,
with my response to the problems (such as they are) just in
case these concerns are even more important to some of you:
1)Cumbersome cables and adapters--The tangle of modem-phone cords,
power adapter and null modem cables almost fits in one of those
neat little zipper cases that come with 10 or 12 audio cassettes.
I've managed to leave just the _wrong_ thing at home enough times
that I'd be temped by any offer of spare power supplies and serial
(null modem) cables.
2) File transfer to my office Macintosh could be smoother. I'm using
TELIX on the NEC and White Knight on the Mac, since both have ZModem
and procedure languages; I may be able to automate my upload/download
operation. Otherwise, I may break down and buy LapLink Mac. I assume
it is not compatible with the ROM PC LapLink in the Ultralight, but must
be treated as just another RAMdisk-gobbling application. Has anyone
tried it?
3) Oops, I didn't buy the NEC case... For now I'm stuffing everything
in an old camera bag, with an old canvas money bag as a slip-case for the
Ultra itself, to keep the disk drive or cables from scratching it.
(Bag from $1,000 in quarters, 1963, given to me by my Dad -- empty.)
Anyone have the NEC case and like it?
4) Battery life is short enough to make me wish I had a spare power
supply or two -- one at home, one at the office, and one at on-the-road
"office" in a friend's spare room would be nice, but presumably quite
expensive. Anyone know how much?
5) Disks -- I've noticed that the NEC drive formats normal 3.5s at 1.4 megs.
Since I don't own another 3.5 drive, I can't tell what happens if you slip
these disks into a "normal" PS2 drive. I wonder if some new software
I saw mentioned in MacWeek would even make this drive read Macintosh disks;
anyone care to speculate?
Enough for now... I have to go home and find my null modem cable so I can
swap my road work onto the Mac. Sure hope this message gets to the list;
it's the first time I've tried posting from this mailer's "Reply" prompt.
Bob Stepno
just another mild-mannered reporter

P.S. Brian said other folks might be interested in hearing that the V20 in the
UltraLite is capable of running CP/M software by using the shareware utility
V2080. I've run my old Osborne version of Adventure, for instance, just for