UltraLite Maintenance and Service Manual

Brian Smithson (brian@grot.ca41.csd.mot.com)
Mon, 24 Jun 91 07:18:02 PDT

I recently received a copy of the NEC maintenance and service manual for
the UltraLite. For those who were wondering if it is worth the
$61.75 + $5.00 s/h + tax, here's a mini-review. Is it worth it?
Well, I'm a sucker for completeness and so I'm happy to have it.
If anyone on the list needs some specific information from this
manual, let me know and I'll see if I can dig it up for you.


The manual is nicely typeset. Graphics are either block diagrams or
B&W photos. The whole thing is packaged in an 8-1/2" X 11" X 1-1/2"
three ring binder, with bright red and white cover inserts slipped in
behind clear plastic. The contents don't really even fill half of the
1-1/2" depth of the binder.

Chapter 1 Introduction:

This chapter contains basic information about the features and specifications
of the UltraLite. I think that all of this information is available either
from the stock user's manuals or from NEC's FastFacts FAX service (mentioned
on the List a while back).

Chapter 2 Unit Operation:

This chapter contains sections describing:

- initial setup (config switches, battery charging, silicon disk formatting)
- peripherals (FDD adaptor, modem, parallel port adaptor, and for some reason,
the AC adaptor/charger)
- system software (lap-link, DOS manager, setup, and diffs between UltraLite
DOS and regular MSDOS)
- ROM and RAM cards (how to install/remove, and how to change batteries on
the RAM cards)

Chapter 3 Theory of Operation and Troubleshooting:

This chapter has two sections: theory of operation, and troubleshooting. :-)
Theory of operation contains a paragraph or two on each of the following

- main PWB
- silicon hard disk
- keyboard assembly
- ROM and RAM cards
- molicel battery pack
- NiCd battery pack
- LCD panel
- power supply/ DC-DC converter
- EL inverter assembly
- EL inverter transformer

There is also a block diagram showing the general interconnection of these
and other subassemblies.

The troubleshooting guide is probably the most useful portion of the manual,
although hopefully I won't find an occasion to use it. It includes basic
troubleshooting procedures for the power circuits and LCD panel, plus "common
error conditions and solutions".

Chapter 4 Disassembly, PC Board Identification, and Assembly.

This chapter contains procedures for disassembly and assembly, including lots of
pictures with the subassemblies identified. It also contains parts lists (with
part numbers) for the subassemblies and accessories.

Appendix A I/O Connectors:

This appendix contains the pinouts for the EXT, modem, telephone, RS-232,
RAM/ROM card, and ROM PWB connectors.

Appendix B Configuration Switches:

This appendix has more or less the same text which is in the comprehensive
user's manual on page 190.

Appendix C UltraLite Memory Map:

This appendix has a memory map for the system with some detail for how ROM and
RAM cards are bank-switched into a 64K space.

Appendix D Keyboard Layout:

This appendix simply shows the keyboard layout.

Appendix E Internal Software Error:

This appendix lists the SETUP, DOS Manager, and LapLink error messages with
descriptions of the underlying conditions. It also lists common error
conditions for the modem.

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