lites 1.1 ...

Fri, 21 Jun 91 14:16 PDT

Being a little interested in Lites from the beginning and seeing someone's
plea for the program from the PC Mag Net, I decided to check simtel20
for a newer copy ... and there was one there and it wasn't even buried
in vol-zip.

So I grabbed it and tried it .. no luck ... there were two copies one
called GWLITES ( derivable from a basic prog) and one called LITES
with a newer date than GW_ and both of them did nasty (but minor)
things to my machine. GWLITES would hang my system/keyboard and I'd
have to reboot. It seemed to not like VT100 emulation but I'm not sure.

LITES the newer looking version would never hang which was good(ness)
but after I exited my comm program my root directory was completely gone
save one file (but then I re-boot and it all re-appeared intact.)

I have a lot of trust in Simtel20 stuff .. :-) ...

If you would like me to pass these on let me know but I'm on VM/CMS and
can't deal with UU whatever ... etc. .
.. cheers . joe.f.