Re: UL's availability at DAK

Wed, 12 Jun 91 10:46:41 -0400


I just got off the phone with Troy at DAK Tech Support, and neither he nor
anyone he could find knows anything about a RAM card from DAK, especially not
a 460K RAM card. If memory serves, the NEC RAM cards are 256K, anyway, aren't

Troy's theory is that a simple digit transposition would cause the 640K of
system RAM to look like 460K, and the customer service rep might have been
saying that it has 460K (that is, 640K) of memory IN ADDITION TO THE 2MB for
the hard RAM. That would make a little sense, since some manufacturers
(Toshiba, for instance) don't have separate RAM pools, they just use any
excess over 640K for hard RAM.

I left my name and number in case he stumbles across any RAM cards, in which
case I'll order some (if the price is right) and pass the word along... But he
was pretty sure that DAK doesn't have them. I was relieved, for's sake, when found ULs
in DAK's store; I'd be delighted if he can prove me wrong on this one, too.