RAM cards

Peter Hill (pfh@craycos.com)
Fri, 14 Jun 91 10:08:22 MDT

I'm looking for a source of reasonably priced Ultralite RAM cards, if
in fact they exist (at reasonable prices, that is).

DAK doesn't have any; they gave me NEC's number (800-366-9500). I was
in turn directed to NEC's parts department (800-366-3632, then 1,2,1 to
get parts). They would be happy to sell me PC-1741 256K RAM cards at
$299 each, or PC-1742 512K RAM cards at (cough) $699 each.

I looked in the first nine digests of this mailing list and found one
pointer; fritzj@ecn.purdue.edu (Fritz Friedlaender) suggested Microage
in Indianapolis. Any others?

Have RAM cards been standardized, as I seem to recall? Was this before
or after NEC came out with the Ultralite? That's probably enough
questions for one message.

Thanks. --Peter

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