Prelude to "The Ultralite Connection"

Douglas Brantley, Cerritos College (BRANTLEY@Cerritos.EDU)
Tue, 21 May 1991 12:42 PDT

Yesterday I got a package in the mail from Personalized Computers
(in Farifield, Iowa) containing the entire collection of the
Ultralite users newsletter called "The Ultralite Connection".
There are seven issues in the package.

Over the next week I will be going through the issues, gleaning
out the best stuff and posting comments here.

Personalized Computers sells a package of stuff for Ultralite
owners which they call the "Resource Package". It contains the
back issues of the newsletter and a couple of diskettes with
public domain and shareware software found useful on the

Just to give you an idea of the information in the issues......

Discussions on battery life (or the lack thereof...). The old
battery configuration before the NEC upgrade program to allow for
the removeable battery. The information about the upgrade
program. I have not been able to find out if the external battery
charger for the replacement batteries has ever been brought to

The complete instructions to reset the cluster size on the silcon
hard disk to free-up wasted disk space. One article describes the
use of the Norton Utilities and a letter from a Ultralite user
describes the use of PC-Tools to change the cluster size.

P.S. On another front I hope to write a short "trip report" to
post to comp.sys.laptops to relate my experiences with the UL at
DECUS in Atlanta.