Are there any TINY drawing programs out there?

Gerald Hinkle (hinkle@BRL.MIL)
Wed, 22 May 91 08:44:34 EDT

Hello all- I am thinking over a laptop purchase, and need info on life
with Ultralites. I have all of the digests, but I still have a hole in
my information.
I want to use a laptop as a replacement for my usual collection of junk:
calculator, calender book, and notebook (hmm, that would be a great name for
a portable computer :-) ). So far, the UL has 2.5 out of three for me.
The missing .5 is some kind of drawing program- I doodle ideas a lot.
Does anyone know of a small, basic drawing package usable on the UL?
Circles, boxes, straight lines would be enough for me. Some kind of
early childrens' crayon program maybe? Any replies will be graciously
accepted, and greatly appreciated!

-Gerry Hinkle <301-278-5461, office/ 301-612-0515 home>
PS- I suppose I would need to use the cursor keys for input...