UltraLite Port Adresses

Dale Gass (mks!dale@watmath.waterloo.edu)
Fri, 17 May 91 20:47:20 EDT

I've received a couple of requests for the port addresses used by DGSET.COM.

Here's one of the port addresses that I've dug out from deep within SETUP.EXE
(it's amazing how much of the stuff going on in SETUP.EXE is window handling,
and how little is actually doing work...):

Port E2:
Bit 7 Set for high CPU speed, clear for low CPU speed
2 Set for blank display, clear for no blanking
1 Set for dim display, clear for bright display
0 Set for double dot characters, clear for single dot characters

Note that bit 2 does not do automatic screen blankding in hardware; the bit
immediately turns off the backlighting. The automatic screen blanking is
done in software, not hardware; this can be controlled as follows:

Memory address 40:C3 - Bit 0 set for automatic blanking, clear for no blanking.

Maybe I'll dig up the port addresses for the palette, color and intensity
modes when I get some time...