DGSET - A Quick and Dirty Setup Program for the UltraLite

Dale Gass (mks!dale@watmath.waterloo.edu)
Thu, 16 May 91 20:31:52 EDT

For those UltraLite users who find 64k is a little outrageous for a resident
setup program, here's an alternative:

!!!!!!!!!! CUT HERE !!!!!!!!
begin 664 dgset.com
!!!!!!!!!! CUT HERE !!!!!!!!

The usage is simply "DGSET" followed by the options letters. These can
be bunched together, or separated by spaces. The valid options are
as follows:

A - Automatic backlight
H - High level backlighting
L - Low level backlighting

F - Fast CPU speed
S - Slow CPU speed

D - Double dot font
N - Single dot font

Not that these options will not linger after a reboot, so one should put
the appropriate DGSET command in their startup file. (I guess you
non-MKS Toolkit users call it AUTOEXEC.BAT :-) If it meets your needs,
you can remove SETUP.EXE from your startup and save 64k of memory...

Feel free to redistribute. (As DGTERM seems to be popular but brings in
no regisrations, I won't even try to make this shareware; besides, who
would pay for 213 byte program :-)

If anyone is interested, I'll post a note describing the port addresses
used by DGSET, which I found by hacking through SETUP.EXE.