UltraLite spec sheet

Brian Smithson (brian@king.ca41.csd.mot.com)
Sat, 11 May 91 14:53:35 PDT

Here are the UltraLite specs as they are listed in an NEC FastFacts
document I spoke about a while back. Since some of these specs don't
seem to appear anywhere else in the UltraLite documentation, I went
ahead and transcribed it.

Just so you know, I faithfully transcribed the strange formatting,
odd sentence structures, and misspellings (note the "power combustion"
of the "ROM/RAM Card Slot"). You get both information *and* entertainment!

------------ From NEC FastFacts --------------



CPU: NEC V30(8086); Speed: 4.92/9.83MHz
Average wait states: 0 wait states
No co-processor support

RAM: 640K at 120 nanoseconds, memory standard


SCREEN: Supertwist backlit LCD

SIZE: 9.5" diagonal, 640 X 200 pixels

DOT PITCH: .33(W) mm X .54(H) mm

DOT/inch: 77(W) X 47(H)


(Silicon): 2MB

Unformatted Capacity: 1.9 MB

Access Time: Track to Track 2.4 ms (sequential)
and Average 2.0 ms (random)

Transfer Rate: 87 KB/s

Interface: Proprietary 8-bit

HDD Controller: Standard XT

Interleave Factor: 1:1

Logical Configuration: 58 cyl.

Heads: 4

Sectors/Track: 17

Bytes/Sector: 512

Sectors/Cluster: 8


Seek: Typically 120 mA (active)

Idle: Typically 120 ma (active)

ROM/RAM Card Slot

Accepts optional 256KB/ram, 512KB or 1MB/ROM

Access Time: Sequential: .025ms and Random:

Transfer Rate: 534 KB/s

Power Combustion: 10 mA

Portable Floppy Disk Drive (optional)

3.5" 1.44 MB Floppy Disk Drive

Access Time:

Sequential: 192 ms (720K); 193 ms (1.44MB)

Random: 192 ms (720K); 193 ms (1.44MB)

Data Transfer Rate: 21.6 KB/s

Number of Bytes/sector: 512 bytes

Size: 4 3/16" (W) X 6 7/8" (D) X 2" (H)

Weight: 1.78 pounds


* One 68 pin expansion port (connects to

* One 25 pin parallel printer port

Expansion Port (NEC Proprietary Bus)

Power Supply: +5V @ 500mA, 1.2 A (peak Current)


Modem: Internal 2400 BPS modem located on the
mother board


Style: Desktop equivalent PS/2 derivative
keyboard (without the center sections); 78 keys
12 function, imbedded numeric keypad, separate
cursor keypad. LED Indicators: Red indicators
are integrated in Caps Locks and NUM lock keys.

Laptop Ports

* One 68-pin expansion port (FDD)

* One 9-pin serial port (9-pin DIN)

* One DC-IN plug

* Two RJ-11 modem ports (TEL and LINE)

* RAM/ROM card slot

System Software

* MS-DOS 3.3

* Lap-link Version 2

* Microsoft DOS Manager Version 2.0


Power Supply:

Modular lightweight 120 V A adapter with
rechargeable batteries (one Molicel Battery and
one NiCd Backup Battery).

AC Adapter:

Voltage: 12.6 V

Capacity: 800 mAH

Watt-Hours: 6.75

Battery Life/Charge: 2 hours or more depending
on use
Recharging Time: 10-12 hours

Total Recharge Cycles: 400

Size: 4" X 2" X 0.5"

Weight: .397 pounds

Location: Compartment on bottom side of the

NiCd Backup Battery:

Voltage: 3.6 V

Capacity: 850 mAH

Watt-Hours: 3.06

Battery Life/Charge: 7 days

Total Recharge Cycle: 300

Size: 7.75" X 5/8" X 5/16"

Weight: 0.213 pounds

Location: Compartment on bottom side of the

The UltraLite's disk based SETUP config. allows
for intelligent power management. It is possible
to set the LCD backlighting to Auto-Power-Down
Mode. This programs the UltraLite to turn the
backlighting OFF after 5 minutes of keyboard
inactivity. The UltraLite can also be programmed
to use the LCD with full brightness or with only
half the brightness to conserve power.

System Unit:

Size: 11.75" (W) X 1.4" (H) X 8.3" (D)

Weight: 4.4 pounds (not including AC adapter)

System LED Indicator:

LOW POWER Indicator: The LOW POWER indicator on
the leftside of the LCD screen. It turns ON to
indicate low power.



Temperature: 32 deg. F to 122 deg. F (0 deg. C
to 50 deg. C)

Humidity: 20% to 80%


Temperature: 41 deg. F to 95 deg F. (5 deg. C to
35 deg. C)

Humidity: 20% to 80%

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