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Brian Smithson (
10 May 91 14:29:00 PDT (Fri)

To get some wider exposure for the UltraLite list, I've submitted the
following announcement to the Internet list-of-lists and also to the
BITNET new-list list. If you have access to another network or service
which has an e-mail gateway to the Internet, such as CompuServ, GEnie,
or even FidoNet, please feel free to distribute a suitable announcement
of your own. Make sure that you modify the subscription and administrative
mail addresses to account for whatever gateway is needed to get to the
Internet. If you want to test such a mail address, you can use as a test address and I'll reply to make
sure that it works in both directions.

By the way, if you happened to get a portion of this message before, please
disregard it. I hit the "send" button before I was done typing!

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>Subject: Announcing a new mailing list: ultralite-list


An unmoderated list for users of the original NEC UltraLite PC1701
and PC1702 computers (the V30-based notebook computer with a 1MB or
2MB silicon hard disk, not the newer 286- and 386-based models).
Topics include general information, tips, techniques, applications,
experiences, and sources for hardware, software, accessories, and

New subscribers will automatically receive digests of all previous
messages from the List, at least until such time that it becomes
unwieldy to do so.

To subscribe or unsubscribe to the ultralite-list, send mail to At present, requests are
handled by a human operator. No particular format for request
is required, but please make sure that your full name is included
somewhere in the message or header.

Administrative messages other than subscription and unsubscription
should be sent to

Coordinator: Brian Smithson <>

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