NEC FastFacts

Brian Smithson (
Sun, 5 May 91 07:40:22 PDT

I stumbled upon an interesting service from NEC called "FastFacts". You call
a certain telephone number and an automated service answers which will FAX
you any of various documents. The US800 number is 800-366-0476. The
international number is 708-860-9500 extension 2621.

I called FastFacts and requested the document catalog. There were only
three documents of interest to UltraLite owners:

170101 UltraLite Specifications
170102 UltraLite Quick Reference Guide
170103 UltraLite Troubleshooting Guide

Naturally, I requested all three. I'm not planning on transcribing them
into the list unless I get a flood of requests; you can just call the
same number and get them FAXed to you. However, I think that they may
be available on the NEC BBS, and I'll check that out sometime.

UltraLite Specifications
This was probably the most useful of the three. It lists details not found
elsewhere in the UltraLite documentation, like main memory speed and the
access times and transfer rates for drives B and C.

UltraLite Quick Reference Guide
This is kind of like the QuickStart guide without pictures. It has a brief
description of the unit, an initial powerup procedure, some minor information
about SETUP.EXE, and part numbers for a few accessories.

UltraLite Troubleshooting Guide
This is a more verbose version of the troubleshooting table found in the
standard UltraLite documentation.

-Brian Smithson
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