Other Sources For The UltraLite

Douglas Brantley, Cerritos College (BRANTLEY@Cerritos.EDU)
Mon, 29 Apr 1991 22:08 PDT

Now that I have decided to purchase an UltraLite (UL), I have been
attempting to find out as much as is possible about the critter.

Here are the highlights of my search:

Still On The Retail Market:

I looked at some recent copies of laptop related publications and
found that there are some retail locations still selling the 1 mb
and 2 mb UL. The price for the 2 mb version was listed at
$1499.00. All were mail-order houses and I believe that it would
be unlikely that they would have any accessories for the UL.

Used ULs:

There are two companies that sell used ULs.

- IME Computers, Boston, MA, 1-800-999-1911,
They sell "factory serviced" ULs and
as of last Thursday had only 10 left.
$699 for the 2 mb UL.

- Personalized Computing, Fairfield, IA, 1-800-373-6114
$799 for the 2 mb UL.

UL Users Groups/Newsletters:

After calling around the to the companies in various ads in
"Portable Office", I got the number for Personalized Computing in
Fairfield, IA, 1-800-373-6114. They specialize in the UL. (They
also sell the HP product line.) At one time they also published a
UL newsletter. It was run as a subscription based newsletter. I
had them send me a copy (vol. 1, no. 2, Jan/Feb 1989) of "The UL
Connection". They used it primarily as a marketing tool but used
subscriber written articles to share information about using the
UL. They also had articles written by NEC personnel.

Articles included in the issue:

- News from NEC (N.B. the date of the newsletter)
. info on the battery upgrade
. new products in development
.. battery charger
.. external battery pack
... up to 5 hours of power
.. external peripheral connector
... parallel, serial, SCSI,
connection to NEC CD-ROM drive
. installing the MS-WORKS ROM card
. adding to the DOS Manager Applciations Menu

- summary of UL reviews printed in various publications
. INFOWORLD, May 1, 1989
. BYTE, August, 1989
. PC magazine, May 1989

- using Norton Utilities To Reduce Cluster Size
. the silcon disk comes with a 4kb default cluster
. the article describes how to reduce the cluster
size to 1 kb
. in the example, for a full silicon drive this
freed 322560 bytes on the drive

- Using LapLink
. your basic tutorial

- Ads
. 20 mb hard disk from Weltech to connect to UL
. car cig-lighter power connector
. UltraEditor
.. uses only 40k of disk space
. Squish Plus
.. data compression software
.. installs via config.sys as device driver
. many others

I called them again today and talked with Brian Teitzman, Director
of Sales. They still have many products available for the UL.
They are considering putting together a "Best Of.." package of
their now-defunct newsletter. I asked him if I could post
information/articles from the newsletter. He had no idea what the
Internet is, I described this mailing list and gave him a
general background on the purpose of the mailing list.

Brian also told me that anybody that purchased their UL from DAK
got a card in the packaging regarding Personalized Computing.

I am attempting to get the copies of their newsletter articles on
diskette for posting to this mailing list.

more to come.....