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LVNA General Meetings:

Meetings are held at the Lakewood Park Building, on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, but not every month. Check the latest copy of The Villager or call any of the LVNA officers to see if a meeting will be held.


What’s New on LVNA.NET:


Updated LVNA officials and contacts, and property prices.


Some additional back issues of the LVNA Villager from 1992 and 1993 have been posted on this web page. They do not yet have thumbnail images of their front pages or summaries of their contents. More issues from 1993-1998 will be posted in the future.


Many, many additional issues of the LVRA Villager (from 1958-1971) have been posted to the archive on this web page. These issues do not yet have thumbnail images of their front pages, or summaries of their contents, but you can view the issues and learn about the history of our neighborhood as reported in the Villager.


Major site update. If you have suggestions for site improvements, please send them to the webmaster.

Looking for something else?

Were you looking for Louis Vuitton North America ( They still own that domain name, but their web site has been inactive. In the meantime, you could try

Were you looking for the Visiting Nurse Association of Greater Lowell ( As far as I know, they have never created a web site. They probably use the domain only for e-mail addressing.






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