IZL version 1.0 release.

Sun, 16 Oct 94 12:21 PDT

FERAS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES is proud to announce the release of
version 1.0 of the IZL interpreter, a software product designed to
foster the creation and growth of applications for the GEOS desktop,
Zoomer, and other GEOS-based PDA environments.

The program is a software interpreter for the programming language IZL,
an easy-to-learn language that allows GEOS users to quickly create
applications that take advantage of the graphical user interface of GEOS.
Through the use of IZL, a user can write programs to make GEOS meet his or
her specific needs.

To program in IZL, all that is needed is a simple ASCII text editor, and
an idea of what the program should do. Programming is then simply a
matter of using the appropriate IZL statements to define the visual objects
(buttons, labels, menu items, etc...) that will be on the display, and
writing sequences of IZL statements (functions) to be executed when an
event occurs on the display (a particular button is pressed, or a menu item
is selected).

As the logical successor to the freeware package released in July of '94,
this commercial product will support and interpret all IZL programs written
for the freeware version, as well as IZL programs written to take advantage
of a large number of language enhancements created for the commercial
version. A list of these enhancements is given below:

Addition of array capability.

Addition of disk file Input / Output.

Addition of subroutines (functions calling functions).

Addition of ability for IZL programs to support menus.

Addition of language statements to simplify the layout of visual
objects on the graphical display.

Complete overhaul of the interpreter's user interface.

Improved error reporting.

The full list of enhancements is too large to provide here, but a more
detailed, full list of improvements was posted to this electronic forum
in late September, under the title "IZL Status Report".

When you purchase of IZL 1,0, you will receive 3.5 inch diskette and an
IZL user's manual. You will also become a registered user, and immediately
capable of purchasing IZL 2.0 at a 50% discount, upon its release in early
1995. Features planned for version 2.0 include graphics and animation.

FERAS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES will also be releasing a suite of IZL
applications as freeware, as we endeavor to broaden the application base
of the GEOS platform, both desktop and PDA.

The cost of IZL 1.0 is $45.00, plus $3.00 shipping and handling. To order
your copy of IZL 1.0, send a $48.00 check or money order to:

315 Delaware Avenue (PA residents add 6% sales tax)
Lansdale PA 19446

Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.

If you have any questions regarding IZL, send E-mail to:

John Feras                       Feras Information Technologies