Graffiti Trial Package available

Jack Miller (
Mon, 19 Sep 94 16:20 PDT

Graffiti is the fastest, most accurate way to enter text into your
Casio Z-7000, Tandy Z-PDA, & AST GRIDPAD 2390.

Graffiti Benefits:
- Fast. A proficient Graffiti user can enter over 30 words per minute.
- Accurate. Using Graffiti you can enter text with nearly 100%
- Responsive. Graffiti converts each character to text instantly, as you
write it.
- Frustration-free. Graffiti gives control over text entry back to you. If
you want to write with 100% accuracy, you can!

A Graffiti trial package has been uploaded to Palm's ftp node on
Netcom. There is also a Graffiti Reference card in two GIF formats for
different printer resolutions: 300dpi and 72dpi. To access these
files, download from: /pub/palm/graffiti

To use the Graffiti tutorial, you will need connectivity software/cable
or a PCMCIA card reader to move Graffiti from your desktop to your
Zoomer. The Graffiti files were compressed using PKZIP 2.04g.

jack miller
Palm Tech Support