Casio Zoomers to blossom with enhancements

Domingo Chang (
Mon, 24 Apr 95 16:18 PDT

Greetings fellow zoomer is a paraphrasing of an article that I saw
today on PC Week...pls excuse the typos, their WWW site did not seem to have a
digital version I could grab....

Casio Inc. will release new hardware and software products for its Z-7000
Zoomer during the next three months in an attempt to resuscitate the
slow-moving PDA.

Casio will start this week by releasing a send-and-receive fax software program
for the Z-7000 PDA. The company will follow the release in June with a version
of the device that sports built-in wireless LAN support. Casio will follow the
enhancements with a new PDA due in the first half of 1996.

The company currently has several models under development, including one
that's larger than the original and equipeped with a large display. All of the
systems under consideration are based on the next generation OS from Geoworks:
GEOS v3.0.

The new fax software, due this week at Comdex in Atlanta, will cost $59.95 and
enable users to send and receive fax messages by connecting the PDA to a
cellular phone via any pcmcia cellular fax/data modem.

In addition to fax support, Casio will add wirelass LAN connectivity to the
Zoomer thru a joint venture with Digital Wireless Corps of Norcross, Ga.
Digital Wireless will integrate it's Wireless WIT915 spread spectrum radio
transceiver with the PDA in a rugged casing for $1995. The integrated device
is due in June, said Scott Nelson, a product manager at Casio.

Also slated for a summer release is a new compiler technology that will enable
any application running on Windows desktops to be recompiled into a much
smaller size that can then run on either GEOS or PenRight.

The compiler, which Casio is developing with a third-party software developer,
will enable users to creat apps on their PC and transfer them to GEOS-based
devices, such as the Zoomer.

Casio's Scott Nelson declined to discuss the specifics of the forthcoming
technology. Casio is at 201-361-5400.

That's all I have, pls dont email me asking for more....I just thought I'd pass
the good news on to y'all