Big List of Zoomer INI Things, Version 1.00

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Date: Tue, 2 Nov 93 10:48:17 EST
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Subject: Big List of Zoomer INI Things, Version 1.00
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    Here's my list.  Send me anything else you find!

Chuck Musciano

The Big List of Zoomer INI Things

Maintained by Chuck Musciano (

Version:	1.00
Last update:	02 Nov 93 10:00

This list documents changes you can make to the GEOS.INI file to modify
the way your Zoomer behaves.  MAKING THESE CHANGES IS NOT SUPPORTED BY

Item 0: How to change the INI file

     If you use the File Manager to look in B:\GEOWORKS, you'll see a file
called GEOS.INI.  This contains a bunch of configuration switches for GEOS
and the Zoomer.  It also chains to another INI, A:\NET.INI for lots of
stuff that is configured in the ROM.  What is important is that the
chaining occurs at the start of GEOS.INI, so that anything you put in the
GEOS.INI will override the system defaults programmed in by Casio and
GeoWorks and everybody else.

     You can use the little text editor in AOL (start AOL, skip the connect
some stuff, and pull down the File menu to open or create new files) to
edit files.  However, GEOS locks the GEOS.INI file while GEOS is running,
so you can't even open it from AOL.

     So, use the file manager to copy GEOS.INI to B:\GEOS.NEW.  You can
then use AOL to edit this file and change things.  However, the file
manager will not let you copy the new version back while GEOS is running.

     By some fluke, GEOS on the Zoomer is configured to allow a batch file
named ZDRIVER.BAT to be executed directly from the file manager.  (It also
batch files are executed by exiting GEOS, invoking DOS, and when the file
finishes, restarting GEOS (and all the other Zoomer stuff).

     To copy your new INI file into the right spot, create a file named
ZDRIVER.BAT at the top level of your B: drive.  In that file, put:


Now, when you make changes to the GEOS.NEW file in B:\, you can execute the
ZDRIVER.BAT file to copy the new INI into the Geoworks directory.  When the
batch file exits, GEOS restarts, reading the new INI file and modifying
itself accordingly.

     I would suggest making an archival copy of the original GEOS.INI file
somewhere safe on your B: drive, and backing everything up to another
machine if you have a connection kit.

Item 1: Making DOS applications executable from the File Manager

     To update the files that the file manager recognizes, add this to your

	[file manager]
	filenameTokens = {
		SDISK.EXE = "gDOS",0
		*.BAT = "gDOS",0
		*.COM = "gDOS",0
		*.EXE = "gDOS",0

The first five entries in the filenameTokens are taken from A:\NET.INI, and
are included to keep the original settings alive.  The last three make all
BAT, COM, and EXE files executable from the file manager.  If you make this
change, you can verify that it works by looking at A:\ with the file
manager.  Lots of files should now have the DOS icon.

     After making this change, you can rename the ZDRIVER.BAT file
mentioned in Item 0 to something like NEW-INI.BAT, to make it easier to
remember what it does.  You can also write all sorts of DOS batch files
that *don't require input* to run from the file manager.

Item 2: Rebinding the hard icons at the bottom of the screen

     You can change the applications associated with the six icons
following the Launcher icon at the bottom of the screen.  To do this, add
the following to your INI:

	app0 = Main\Address Book
	app1 = Main\Date Book
	app2 = Main\Note Book
	app3 = Main\Pocket Quicken
	app4 = Main\World CLock
	app5 = Utilities\File Manager

This replaces the calculator (which is still reachable from the Launcher menu)
with the file manager, so the file manager is just a tap away.

     The apps are found in B:\GEOWORKS\WORLD, and the path you specify must
be relative to this directory.  Capitalization matters, as do spaces.

     This list of apps can be found in A:\NET.INI.  I'd suggest copying it
into your new INI to avoid errors.  Since it has no tabs, AOL will let you
copy and paste it :-) You can bind anything you want, to make life easiest
for you.

Item 3: Turning off the "click" sound when you tap buttons

     If the click sounds bother you, you can turn them off by adding

	clickSounds = false

to your INI.

Item 4: Changing the size of the fonts

     You can make the fonts used in the menu bar, pulldown menus, and
popup dialogs bigger and smaller.  Add

	fontSize = 12

to make things bigger.  The default is 10.  Using 8 makes things smaller
but still readable.  Note that changing this breaks some dialog box layouts
and does weird things to the AOL initial "You probably" screen.

     If you want to use items 3 and 4 in your INI, combine them into one
[motifOptions] section, instead of making two separate sections.  This goes
for all attributes within a single section that are listed separately in
this list.