Re:Zoomer being orphaned?
XXX, 22 Jul 1995 13:18:31 -0400 (EDT)

Radio Shack has no Zoomers to sell because the Tandy Z-PDA (or later Z-550 which is the same thing) has been discontinued. After Tandy sold the first batch, they decided not to order any more from Casio, who actually manufactures them (this was not a surprise since Tandy is now completely out of the computer business). Casio still makes the Z-7000 (and the overseas version, the XL-7000), and AST apparently still sells the AST GRiDPad 2390. They are probably cutting back on production because the current Zoomer version's sales have slacked off and there are rumors of a new Zoomer that's supposed to (hopefully) come out within a year. Considering the original Zoomer has lasted as long as 3 versions of the Newton, a new Zoomer model might be just the thing to spur sales.