Zoomer being orphaned?

XXX, 21 Jul 1995 01:14:59 -0400 (EDT)

I've been thinking about purchasing a Zoomer for several weeks now & in my search for the best price etc. I 've found that stores in the Atlanta, GA that used to carry the Z-7000 have discontinued it. That includes Office Depot, Radio Shack, & Service Merchandise. I called the Radio Shack catalog 800 number and was told that it was a discontinued item but they still had some in stock. I called Casio and was told that they had "plenty in stock". They wouldn't tell me if a newer model was coming out.
This is a bit distrubing. The Z-7000/Tandy Z-PDA seems like a good product. Maybe most folks just don't understand what it could be used for.
Does anyone else out there know anything about the dwindling retail
sources for the Z-7000 ? If you do please post here or e-mail me.