Help with bootup
XXX, 29 May 1995 23:32:42 -0400 (EDT)

I have a problem and hope maybe someone can help me get out of it. Here is what happened:

I was trying to transfer some files from one memory card to another. I copied some files form the first card to the b: drive. One of these files was a config.sys file. I then unlocked the card. I got the "put it back in until ok" message. I relocked it. I never got the "ok" message, instead it said files were still in use and I had to reboot. I hit ok. Now evidently it is trying to use the config.sys on the b drive to boot up, but it is looking for drivers on a non-existant drive. It just keeps saying press a key to continue, over and over. I had to flip the battery lock open then closed to get it to stopped.

No, I haven't done a backup recently. I usually backup before I do drastic changes to the unit, but since I was doing something normal and simple, I wasn't worried. I'm not even running under expert mode. I'm a little upset that it so easily can be made useless like this, while not even doing anything too out of the ordinary.

Anyway, is there anyway to get out of this without doing a HARD reset?