Second Generation GEOS PDAs
XXX, 7 Mar 1995 01:48:30 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Chris,

Hyundai formally announced the Gulliver GEOS-based PDA at COMDEX. It is/was planned to be available in May, but when I asked GW Steve about it, he said:

<<Indeed, Hyundai has announced their Gulliver device, with specs as described in the previous message. Work is under way. Delivery by May seems pretty optimistic to me, but a lot can happen in three months.
Neither Geoworks nor HP have officially announced any specific PDA product, so I'll have to let the rumors about that speak for themselves.
Steve >>
(copied from the Geoworks Suggestions board)

I'll agree with him that we may not see this device in May, but I think it will be shipping before November. (9 months from now)

In the meantime I am enjoying what I do have, which is a VERY handy Zoomer that is somewhat integrated with my desktop. The two work very well together.