Re:Compatible Memory Cards
XXX, 23 Feb 1995 00:48:17 -0400 (EDT)

Thanks to all of you that replied. AOL is wonderful! It appears to me that the cable that I bought from Radio Shack is a pure serial cable. They tell me I need to buy a serial to parallel converter to hook up to a printer? Guess this is correct? From what I read here, I should probably get a "pocket modem" and then use my PCMICIA (?) slot for a flash memory card ?
As to the Version of Geoworks I have, I don't have a clue. Can I do some version of the DOS "ver" command to find out? Or is there something I can find on the disks that will tell me?

Lastly, I can only register one small complaint. That would have have to do with the speed of this machine. Recognizing the speed of the CPU is not even close to what I deal with on the rest of machines I deal with each day, are there some things I can do to speed up the functions that I use? The main things that I use it for are the daytimer function and the address book function. Gregory742