Time-Out on Turn-On (again)

XXX, 16 Dec 1994 14:38:25 -0400 (EDT)

I recently downloaded and executed the AutoUpgrade, and I really appreciate the enhancements. I like the more PC-GEOS-like look and feel and it seems to run faster.

I still am having problems, though, with the unit going back to sleep right after I turn it on. I am convinced of several things:
1) It's not a hardware/switch problem.
2) It's not a battery problem.
3) I'm sure it's somehow connected with the
autoSave feature, although I've tried to disable that.

I've heard from a number of other users who experienced the same problem, and I'm just wondering if anyone who has really tweaked around with the INI files has experienced this, and if they have, have they fixed it?

Thanks in advance for all of the great help!
Kerry Andrews