XXX, 5 Dec 1994 20:07:27 -0400 (EDT)

I am very frustrated... earlier I posted messages concerning my Zoomer giving my messages of "internal storage not intializing" which would resulting my Hard Resetting the unit, losing everything, including settings and data files. This happening 4 times a week became quite aggrating and on top of that, I try to use Intellilink for Windows to connect with my desktop which is worthless.

Since I have tried everything, I guess I will have make hard copies of everything and send the unit in for warantee work. This still won't fix the connectivity problems I am having. Intellilink seems to work when I exchange just the Address Book with Lotus Organizer but if I try to do it along with the Date Book it corrupts both files and it locks up the Zoomer if I try to add names. So I merge them separately which works for the Address Book but the Date Book is still screwed up. If I try to merge the Lotus Organizer Calendar and ToDo into the Zoomer, it locks up the unit if you try to modify or add to the file. If I send one or the other separately to the Zoomer, the file is fine. So tried switching to Microsoft Schedule+ and I thought it worked but started locking up today. Karen at Intellilink Tech support thinks I am high.

So have a bought a $700.00 paper weight? (I bought it six months ago plus the Intellilink and cable). Do I just go and buy an HP200LX, wait for a WinPad, trash the Zoomer?

Any comments?