Re:Copying directory to PCMCIA
XXX, 16 Sep 1994 20:36:13 -0400 (EDT)

A most EXCELLENT tip! Thanks a milion! I was running into other problems as well with my old setup. I had bought the Netwon 1meg card for $38 at CDW (in case my fellow zoomies wanted a source). And I had only put a c:\document directory on it. drawing/switching programs, etc all got a little slower, and I thought i was because of the card. Also I couldn't get any alarms through the Daybook. I was draggin along not knowing it could be any better. But now everything runs quick, and switches around just great!

Thanks again Ed.
ps- if I sound stupid, excuse me. I come from a world of writing programs for OS/2 1.1-2.1 and Windows. <shrug> I never heard of Geos before.