Adding Memory help & TextReader
XXX, 14 Sep 1994 09:04:50 -0400 (EDT)

Hello fellow Zoomers,

I'm supposed to be receiving a 1meg Newton SRam card today and I was looking for a to see what's the best way to set it up. The reason I wanted to ask first, is because I want to avoid crashing mine, and losing all the data I have on it.

So is it possible to MOVE the Document directory & files to the PCMCIA Card? or is it better to move the individual files {i.e. notebook, addr book, etc}. Anything I should be aware of will using this card?

Sorry if this topic was already discussed, but I'm new with this thing, and I'm trying to keep it working for me, and not against.

-much thanks! Ajay.

PS- has anyone every been able to reach Kerry W? Author of the TextReader program? I sent him $$ for the v2.0, I hope he's going to send a copy of it. I had bunch of questions for him, and his Email returned back to me saying, 'unknown user'.