Re:Cover's, Viability & Stuff
XXX, 29 Aug 1994 00:06:19 -0400 (EDT)

I have a large DayRunner, so it was easy to apply two strips of velcro and just place the Zoomer inside, then open it when needed.

The Newton (reading my latest Trade rag) seems to be being pushed into the vertical market, more than the general info-user market. They stated that there were about 35 general and 350 vertical applications for the Newton (more is better, I agree).
The initial and current marketing of the Zoomer, both for RadioShack and Casio is very similar to any of their organizers and calculators... They don't.
We computer user's are very used to being woo'd into buying things, but since they figure calculators sell themselves, these things should as well. There are many a print ad for Wizards and such, and I'm sure that the Zoomer would do much better with a bit more marketing... No I don't know what their marketing people are thinking of next... If you have the address for R/S or Casio Marketing then maybe we can ask them....?
The two companies that make these devices (personal thought here) must feel that with the software they include why would anyone want to add more. Well if you're a computer user... Then you always want more and more, to stretch the functionality of the hardware you buy.... That's what needs to be got across to those people.
How do we do it... Good Question, Can CasioTech talk to CasioMarketing I would hope so.. Do they That's a blank for them to fill in......

More is always better... But, we need to remember a Zoomer isn't a PC without a keyboard... It's an information appliance with a pen...

Now all we need is a Lithium-ion energy cell and a 40Mhz cpu.... I guess power user's never die... Their batteries just run down....