Zoomer DOA

XXX, 10 Jul 1994 20:53:51 -0400 (EDT)

I left a previous message some months ago about the lack of hardware and software support for the Zoomer. The tragic part about the demise of the Zoomer is the fact that the hardware involved has much more potential than the Newton, but no one is taking advantage of it.

I know that eventually I will have to buy another platform for my PDA needs, and it will most likely be a Newton. It is understandable to long time computer users who remember the hey days of Atari, Commodore, and the dozens of other platforms that have come and gone over the years that a new platform can die. However, it is usually from lack of sales, competition, or financial distress of the company.

In my opinion, having seen very few ads for the Zoomer, Tandy and Casio are not competing. I assume that they are selling quite a few Zoomers just simply because most people who are going to buy a PDA would look at the most available ones on the market before making a decision. I do not believe that Tandy or Casio are in any great financial distress.

I think the problem is that they simply don't care. And as far as I am concerned, it will not only affect my purchasing habits for future PDA products, but all products. After this experience, why would I buy any new product from Tandy or Casio that involved future product support? Certainly, we should expect much more from both companies. They in turn are throwing away millions of dollars each month because they are not supporting the Zoomer as their sales pitches promised.

I wonder if an attorney can give us an opinion as to whether or not Tandy and Casio are obligated to give us minimum product support to back up their sales promises, or if damages are due?

Tandy created DeskMate for PCs. They created TRS Models, the CoCo, and many other products. The least they could do is create a spreadsheet, database, term program, and some games so that we could have the *privilidge* of purchasing them in Tandy stores.

I Tandy/Casio needs some leadership in their sales/marketing and product development departments, they know where to find me.