Re:End of the Road
XXX, 10 Jul 1994 20:21:03 -0400 (EDT)

I have to echo this post.
I too have owned a Zoomer since it came out, and even though I run PC and not Mac, and I have loaded up the Zoomer with too much data so that changing to another machine would be very time consuming, it's almost being forced upon me to get a Newton. Despite repeated urgings, complaints, and suggestions from day one, the only (limited) support we have received has been from a handful of programmers who have produced a handful of useful applications. Something must be wrong if there appear to be hundreds of Newton programs available in this forum to every one for the Zoomer. That's all I see every time I check the file base.....Newton, Newton, Newton. It's big news if a Zoomer item appears. And it's too bad, because I'm comfortable with the Zoomer, and like the machine. Tandy/Casio has simply produced the Z, then gone on to other things. And that must be what it's like to sink your own ship. Too bad.