End of the Road

XXX, 10 Jul 1994 18:04:34 -0400 (EDT)

I've been a Zoomer user since their first appearance in October. I was one of the first owners in the Los Angeles Area. I even wrote an article for "Double Tap" magazine, praising the Zoomer, but now I think the time has come to move on to a more useful and obviously supported machine. One of the most critical reasons for me making this move is that I am a Mac user. I purchased PalmConnect and SoftPC and all sorts of different connectors to get the Zoomer to work with my Mac and after all that, the best I got was a Backup place for my Zoomer files. Once the data from the Zoomer is in my Mac, theirs nothing I can do with it but look at it. I must give praise to Palm Computing for their wonderful Tech support and software packages like Palm Utilities, and the programmers who came up with really useful software for the Zoomer. But one company and a handful of programmers making 3 or 4 decent software packages cannot sustain this machine alone. The excuse that the Newton had a head start
of about 2 or 3 months on things has really played out. Come on guys, it's been Ten months. Company support from Tandy and Casio just does not exist. I hate to say it but the Newton has just trampled all over the Zoomer. One thing I really needed was a database program, and now theirs a really good relational database for the Newton as well as a spreadsheet program. The ability to send a fax direct form the Newton is a big plus among other things that the Zoomer just can't do. The Newton even has it's own E-Mail Service(E*World).
Right now my Zoomer, in it's present state, is nothing more than a slick Wizard, that I sold to buy the Zoomer, and it's not that much slicker. The next generation Newton (MP110) is a great improvement over the first, and it also shows that the company is behind it. Their are over 350 programs, mostly shareware for the Newton. That's more available for the Newton than my Desktop Mac. Theirs even a monthly magazine and store dedicated to the Newton. And it's ability to network is a big plus at my job. Well I can go on and on but I won't. Basically I'm tired of singing that Whitney Houston, now Zoomer classic "I Who Have Nothing". I would like to thank all the people on AOL (PDA Craig and alike) who have kept hope alive for us Zoomer owners out here. And thanks to all owners who have helped us all. If anyone would like to buy a Zoomer, please check the swap shop here on line in a couple of days.