State of the Zoomer?
XXX, 4 Jul 1994 11:30:51 -0400 (EDT)

I was asked to help someone compare the state of the Zoomer vs Newton. He is evaluating both for his company. I don't like doing comparisons, and quoting PDA Craig, its not which is the best PDA, only which PDA is best for you.

That said, it is difficult to be upbeat about the Zoomer at the moment. Currently, the Zoomer is being hurt by the lack of third party applications. If you look at our Zoomer library, you'll see VERY few programs. The commercial market offers even less - there's a games package, PalmConnect (PC only at this point), Palm Utilities, and MetaPacific's forms package. In contrast, the Newton library is overflowing with software, and there seem to be new programs coming out all the time.

I've heard rumors of more Zoomer software for later this year, but more software was rumored for this past spring and never surfaced. And still no release date for a Mac connection program - while I can get files to my Zoomer from my Mac, it is a real kludge (usually I just email them to the Zoomer as its easier than fighting PalmConnect under SoftPC on an 030 Mac). Any idea what Email files does to my AOL bill (well, not much ONLY due to the lack of Zoomer offerings).

Over the last few months, Zoomer support from Casio/Tandy and the software community has been sluggish at best. There seems to be no push to improve the product or create new software for the Z, and no one from Casio or Tandy seems to visit here any more.

Because of this, I feel that the Newton is a better choice if only by default. But I'd really like some rebuttal comments - I like the fact the Zoomer has AOL and Quicken. Am I misjuding the state of the Z?